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Its a dream come true for Sangay, who will be seen playing a major role in the Salman Khan starer Radhe

Actor Sangay Tsheltrim is one of those citizens of Bhutan who has managed to bring immense pride to the country by bagging gold medals in the field of bodybuilding etc. The actor who is all set to make his full-fledged Bollywood debut in the Salman Khan starer ‘Radhe’ was a Cadet in the National Defence Academy, Pune, and then Indian Military Academy, Dehradun.  And now the ex-army officer is all set to set the screen on fire!

When asked about what inspired him to shift his base from Military to Bollywood, to which he says “I am an accidental actor! I came to Mumbai to meet my friend Haider Khan who took me to the sets of Dabbang 3 where I met Salman Sir like any other fans and a few months later he offered me a role in his movie! And I did not realize how lucky I was until the last 7-8 months! But the first time you just get lucky but then what matters is your craft, talent, and dedication towards your work”

When asked what’s next on the work front for the actor to which he said “I am currently residing in Mumbai. I am in no hurry of taking up projects just like that. Everyone needs money, but doing quality-driven work is what I am looking at”
Apart from acting, Sangay also owns the biggest gym in Bhutan called ‘The Muscle Factory’

Thought Factory creating memories and hitting the headlines in 2021

Thought Factory is buzzing around the corners because of it its prodigious work. It has delivered very astounding and stupendous assignments for their clients.
Though Factory enormously look after every diminutive details in order to create momentous event for their clients. They have a very professional and persevering team of photographers, videographers and content experts. They are most renowned in the profession of production and content curation.
Thought Factory has delivered tons of events from unconventional gathering to corporate events and from major occasions to wedding events with their squad. Their administration has always been at par.
Thought Factory works collectively with their client’s vision and creates and customizes accordingly, with their intelligence. It altogether looks after client’s burden of planning a successful event. They look from the beginning to end with elegant destination to mouthwatering food and sober and rich decor. They give their clients a pleasant time which stays deep rooted.
Thought Factory’s brand value has escalated with their client’s feedback and reviews. The favorable response and positive appraisal gave them new clients. Their clients recollect and live the memory with some delightful shots and videos created by Thought Factory.
Thought Factory has become the customer’s best choice as it has delivered some promising and successful events for all big and small clients. They satisfy the wants of their clients with the given allowance, along with the assistance of their squad.
Now with the customer’s response and points, Thought Factory had gained the popularity of delivering the best. They have also gained new clients in the market who want their events to be planned and captured with ease and comfort. The word of mouth has also help them gain a healthy amount of clients.
Thought Factory who works their heart out to make their client’s day the most memorable one. Each and every associate of Thought Factory love their work which is the main reason why they deliver the best. They not only gain good ledgers but they also get fame and respect of the clients.
Thought Factory not only give their client life’s best memory but also make their experience count of working with them.

Meet India’s One of the youngest internet marketer-Udit Kumar

Internet has revolutionised the world around us. But it still works as a tool in our hands and depends on how we use it. Where many of us are using it as a way of entertainment, people like Udit Kumar are making fortune out of it just by thinking out of the box. With his smart approach towards technology, Udit has become one of the youngest Internet Marketer in India and has successfully scaled his Digital Marketing Agency, UDIT MEDIA, to 6 figures, which sits around $100,000 annual revenue.
A 20-year-old visionary with excellent entrepreneurial skills, Internet Marketing prowess, and Facebook Ads Expertise, Udit launched his very first website at a very young age of 15. His quest to learn and apply his knowledge in practical life helped him to become a self-independent and successful entrepreneur.
A born internet geek, Udit spent majority of his time studying the trends of the Internet. The more he learned about the internet, the more he gained understanding of online marketing and the vast possibilities of money-making through this medium. As he became competent in this trade and was already making fortune through multiple streams of income online, including his youtube Channel, Blogs, Drop-shipping, and Affiliate Marketing, Udit decided to drop his formal education in pursuit of success. Soon, the young aspiring entrepreneur, Udit Kumar, dropped out from his High School as he was literally earning more than his school teachers and principal just from the comfort of home merely with the help of the Internet. Udit feels dropping out of school helped him to get more focused and spared him time to hone his online marketing skills.
As nothing comes without hard work and dedication, Udit’s life was too full of hardships. For a youngster like him, it was the toughest decision of his life to choose between formal education and chasing his dreams, however, for him, latter worked out in his favour. Although self-learning isn’t an easy job, you see many failures and if your approach is right only then you learn from your mistakes and resuscitate from the loss and shine brighter than ever.
When he plunged himself into digital marketing, like others, Udit too saw rough days but still his consistency and dedication always motivated him to continue working towards his ultimate success. And in the year 2018, Udit started helping a few businesses with Social Media Management, SEO, Facebook, and Instagram Ads, Google Ads, PPC Management and many other marketing tools to get more leads and sales. His impeccable understanding of digital marketing soon realised him that nearly all the business owners were facing a major problem in their trade that was getting online sales due to the lack of Internet Marketing Knowledge. To help others establish a strong digital business empire, Udit decided to launch his own marketing company and founded UDIT MEDIA that offers many Internet Marketing Services and helps other companies grow online. The company which was started with a noble aim to promote online marketing is now working with more than 70 clients both in India and abroad, driving traffic through Google and Social Media Marketing.
This tech genius has grown his company, UDIT MEDIA, from scratch to $100,000 annual revenue making giant. The idea behind his dream project, UDIT MEDIA, was so successful that in its initial 3 years the agency managed to calibrate projects worth $50-100k. Given to its success, Udit through his company, has assisted more than one hundred businesses to generate humongous wealth online and has been featured on Forbes and Market Watch amongst many other international magazines for his genius endeavour. With his strong grip on digital marketing, Udit is also venturing in other online projects and widening his internet based business empire. To connect with the founder and CEO of UDIT MEDIA, Udit Kumar, one can reach him on—LinkedIn – @uditsays, Instagram – @uditsays, Facebook – @uditsays, and Twitter – @heyudit.

Dr Jitendra Singh to change the face of Indian Politics


The closer we look around us, the more we feel how different individuals from different parts of the world and across industries have been working relentlessly to transform the society and community at large. They work with only one aim in mind and that is to bring about a wave of good change. One such compassionate man, whose benevolence and generosity has impressed all, is an ace educationist and politician Dr Jitendra Singh Yadav. For this man, everything is about working for the good of others and bringing about reforms that can help people in their journeys through the several movements he has been a part of and led so far in his vast career.

There is not just one thing that Dr Jitendra Singh Yadav aces at; he is a powerful personality who as an educationist holds the position of a Chairman/Secretary of numerous institutions, some of them include, Major S.D. Singh P.G. Ayurvedic Medical College & Hospital, Fatehgarh – Farrukhabad, Major S.D. Singh Medical College & Hospital, Bewar, Major S.D. Singh Ayurvedic Nursing & Pharmacy College, Fatehgarh – Farrukhabad, and others. He also is at the helm of many educational institutions like the Saimeer College, Chhibramau- Kannauj in law, pharmacy, polytechnic, etc.

Dr Jitendra Singh Yadav has gone beyond boundaries in the sector of business as well, allowing the gentleman to become the Chief Editor of ‘Samriddhi News, which is one of the rising national Hindi daily newspapers. In the world of politics, Dr Jitendra Singh Yadav has held the position of the former advisor of Chemicals & Fertilizers, GOI, and the former President’s position (Student’s Council) N.K.P. Salve Institute of Medical Science as well as at Lata Mangeshkar Hospital, Nagpur. This man right now has been working to transform the medical sector for the better with being a member of the Indian Medical Association.

All his life, for Dr Jitendra Singh Yadav, his father has been his guiding light who motivated him to go beyond boundaries and create reforms with his movements that can only bring a better tomorrow for all. Shri Babu Singh Yadav was known as ‘The Great Academician’, and he instilled in his son the true values and principles that helped Dr Jitendra Singh Yadav make efforts for the betterment of people and society.

In 2013, he even participated in the BRICS conference held in Durban, South Africa, being a part of the Indian delegation. For his benevolent works so far, Dr Jitendra Singh Yadav has achieved many accolades and awards, including Stardust Achievers Award 2017, Stardust Global Achievers Award 2018, Society Achievers Award 2018, and Gomti Gaurav Award.

There is so much that this man is motivated to do in life, where he wishes to come at the forefront in the society and through his deeds make a huge impact in the lives of people for the better. To know more, one can also follow him on Instagram @dr.jitendra.singh.

Meet Senoun Jolly and Munny Sethi who have given Air Transport and Air Medical Industry new Look


In a rapidly growing and changing world, we notice the evolution and advancement of many business industries. Major credit must go to the different professionals who believe in putting in everything to make these industries grow, expand and achieve exponential success. Talking about the growth and development of industries, it is imperative to notice how the air and medical industry has seen revolutions, especially from the past few years. Ever wondered who could be the talented minds behind the same? Well, one of the names that has been buzzing high is *Semoun jolly and Munny Sethi, an experienced and skilled entrepreneur who has been going beyond boundaries to redefine the industry with his business ventures.

To cater to the needs and demands of people who prefer to travel by private jets and charters either for personal or business purposes, Munny Sethi and Semoun jolly developed and built his business around the same and co-owned his company, ‘Air Charter Services Pvt Ltd, India’ for providing the best Air charter services, exceeding the expectations of all its clients. With his brand, people can fly anywhere at any time with the broad range of private jets, and helicopters the brand offers.

Going further in his quest to be known as a distinctively skilled entrepreneur, *Semoun jolly and Munny Sethi even launched ‘Flying Doctors India’. This is the first provider in India for services in Air ambulance and medical evacuation. Especially in times like these, Munny Sethi’s brand has come forward to help people who need medical evacuation facilities, which have propelled the entrepreneur much ahead of others, for his works in the air transport industry.

Apart from all of this, Munny has created a luxurious lifestyle for himself, where his name has already been imprinted in the most celebrated entrepreneurs in the industry. Helping people travel the world with his air charter services has led Munny Sethi to become a world-traveller himself and create a lifestyle that many other aspiring entrepreneurs would like to live.

A quick look at his Instagram will let people know the kind of life he has created for himself. Munny Sethi is a self-made entrepreneur who utilized every opportunity that came by his way and achieved the success he always desired. To know more, follow him on Instagram @munnysethi.

Actress Mokshita Raghav is touching new heights in BTown


Ah, to be thriving, talented and famous. Bollywood and web series in India are places where you see many talented people of largely different ages. We will focus on the young actress of Bollywood who is buzzing with her gorgeous looks and solid acting in web series. She is the young, beautiful and promising actress of Bollywood Sonia Raghav widely famous as Mokshita Raghav in industry and social media platforms.

Bollywood is invariably looking for new faces from TV shows and web series or just out of nowhere, bounding all approved stages that a movie star should go through. This method never stops, leaving some actors back and making others world-famous.

The Indian film industry has many actresses who have already made a name for themselves quickly. Still, they have much more ahead in the coming years due to talent they possess and looks which can win the hearts of millions in India and abroad.

We chose Mokshita Raghav as the top young actress in this article for many reasons. She is not only gorgeous and looks-wise, but she is very, very good at acting. We feel she has a slight edge over other young actresses because of her looks and acting skills.

Like many, she started her career as a model and gained attention and roles in web series and offers from B-town. Her native is Uttar Pradesh Khurja. This stunningly beautiful actress Mokshita Raghav is a National level Basketball player, and she also has NCC certificate with her. Wow, athleticism comes naturally in her.

Mokshita is also a fantastic dancer; her hot moves make her a complete package like Katrina Kaif and other lead actresses for movies.

Besides acting in free time, she loves to travel and explore new places, and enjoy some time alone with family and friends. As we all know, Bollywood is a dream destination for many, and she is right there, and we will see her many movies in Bollywood playing lead roles under top banners.

Till now Mokshita Raghav has done many projects in which she got appreciation for her acting in Contract Killer and few other movies.


Parul Uppal is changing student’s future with her EdTech Startup InkClick

Parul Uppal

Parul Uppal was born in Chennai (Tamil Nadu), India.
She is a visionary journalist, News anchor, an ed-tech enthusiast, and Founder of Inkclick.
She believes that formal education is essential to realize that learning can happen anytime, anywhere, and no one should be deprived of it, especially due to money constraints.

Parul Uppal

Educational Journey: –

Being a defence child, Parul changed ten schools in her fourteen years of schooling. Her passion for literature made her pursue graduation in B.A (Hons.) English Literature from Delhi University holds a dual master’s degree in mass communication and classical music from renowned Indian institutes.

Professional Journey: –

She started her career at the age of 21 with Zee News as an anchor. She was the first news anchor to present a bulletin on India Today’s channel (formerly known as Headlines Today). After that, she was a prime-time anchor with Aajtak for 5 successive years. She moved to lifestyle anchoring with Zee News for the next 4 years and was also part of news shows for the cricket world cup 2011.

She has collaborated with several Indian and international institutes like the National Institute of mass communication & Journalism and the NRAI school of mass communication to spread journalism and anchoring knowledge. Also, to support her cause of reducing the concept of yellow journalism.

Her exposure to education across India made her realize the problems in our education system. To fight expensive learning and provide accessible quality education to all, she started an online learning and networking platform called Inkclick to help students, teachers, and parents learn from global teachers at low rates and network with their peers and industry professionals.

Charity: –

She believes that education and learning are the birthrights of every human and support children’s education at SOS Children Village, New Delhi, India.

Awards and Recognition: –

Parul is awarded many awards and recognition.
During her college days, she was crowned with Miss DU’s title, and in her professional career, she was the prime-time news anchor with many channels for many years. One such example is Aajtak.

Ankit Sanan helping students to achieve their goals

Ankit Sanan Inkclick

Mr Ankit Sanan is a young blossoming entrepreneur, an academician and EdTech expert. He is prominent for his stupendous startup named as Inkclick, an education plus networking forum. Since the time he was an adolescent, his mind quenched his passion by creating a platform for reinforcing others. He had a profound interest in education and networking, which made him an EdTech expert/entrepreneur and educationalist.

Ankit Sanan

Ankit in consistently working to captivate a change in the present educational system by building an innovative platform for everyone. Inkclick is one of it’s the tremendous kind which is serving the purpose by recolonizing untapped potential and talent most effectively. He is bestowed with terrific awards and recognitions for his work as an entrepreneur and educationalist, he became India’s first-ever youngest flying instructor B737NG in 2014. He accomplished merit in his university for his intellect strategies. Apart from all this, he struck 12000 hours of flying which earned him a great reputation in The Indian Aviation Circle.

Ankit Sanan did his schooling from Delhi. He was first picked up for the BSC program in the St. Stephens college but later opted for Electronics and Communication engineering in which touched laurels by earning highest marks in the entire institution. He was freaky behind his passion for flying so he decided to pursue his dream by getting himself trained in Civil Aviation in 2005. Ankit believed from the very beginning that the notion of education is not perceived correctly by the majority of the public, so he incubated his venture to redefine education. Inkclick is known for delivering world-class practical and relevant education in the entire world.

Ankit is committed to furnishing education ,that can help an individual to become the best version of himself. Through his entrepreneurial skills has redefined the label and myths that society preaches. He is leading the young minds through his commitment to squeeze out the best upshots. Many institutions nowadays are creating a false image of education by bribing the money of the parents that makes it hard a choice to distinguish the illusions from the practical knowledge but through Ankit and his platform Inkclick, anybody can enjoy the ultimate essence of education from any corner of the world and rest remains assured that this educational experience will direct his students to fruitful and mesmerizing outcomes.

Rapper Santy Sharma is all set to give rapping industry a new dimension

Santy sharma

Santy Sharma’s passion and innate skills as a rapper, singer and lyricist have made him the youngest and the first leading rapper from Madhya Pradesh, India.

The closer we look around ourselves, the more we find people who are driven to raise the standards for others across industries and fields. Moreover, in artistic fields like the music industry of India, it has always welcomed talented people with open arms as they offer their uniqueness through their talent which has the power to instantly connect with the audiences. One of the leading names in this list of young talent is of Santy Sharma, originally Ganesh Sharma. He is a young talent who has made a unique name for himself as one of the youngest and the leading most rapper from Ratlam, Madhya Pradesh, India.

Rapper Santy Sharma

Born in 1996 as Ganesh Sharma, his hard work, resilience and passion for music took him towards becoming the success story he is today as Santy Sharma across the music field. He began his career in the year 2016 as a singer and released several tracks on various music platforms and YouTube with many musical live shows as well, helping him up his confidence in music as an artist. Looking at the boom in the rap industry, Santy Sharma decided to be a part of the same and the very next year stepped into the industry as a rapper.

Santy Sharma also runs his YouTube channel named ‘Santy Sharma Official’, which has over the years seen thousands of views on his videos. After turning into a rapper, he got his second music video called “Udaan” released from his channel, which earned him great recognition and appreciation. After this early success of his as a rapper, Santy Sharma got the opportunity to release many music videos back to back on YouTube and other music platforms. Some of the songs which garnered him great name and recognition in the industry include Udaan, Suni Suni Sadko, Ek thi meri Girlfriend, Koshish Meri, and Peeta Daaru, which got released by JK Entertainment, a South industry music company.

Santy Sharma confesses that he loves the famous Indian rapper Raftaar and for him, he recently released a tribute track, which turned him into an Internet sensation. His latest track is called “Killin – Santy Sharma”, which is based on the underground Indian hip hop scene. Apart from being a musical sensation, Santy Sharma owns his digital marketing company called Digital Yoog and has also become a popular fashion blogger, which has further helped him gain massive followers across his social media.

Looking at this young Indian rapper’s early success, we won’t be surprised if he reaches the top of the music scene very soon. To know more, follow him on Instagram @santy_sharma_official.

Trishna’s Castle grabbed eyeballs for the film’s story that revolved around women empowerment.


It is said – “You can always edit a bad page but you can never edit a ‘blank page’.” These words are an epitome to Trishna Prakash Samat, who has a writer’s soul, with a strong belief that a true book will find its audience itself.

Trishna is now a big name in the field of creativity as after success of her first book ‘Taaje Sapne’, that received a tremendous response from the readers, her short film – Meri Khoj Mere Haath, has garnered her much deserving accolades from the fraternity as well as the audiences.

She was not only praised for her acting in the short film but Trishna also grabbed eyeballs for the film’s story that revolved around women empowerment. The short film, released on ErosNow App, was written and produced by the actress herself.

An author, actor, speaker, storyteller and influencer are few among the many traits Trishna boasts but above all, not many of us are aware that the actress is much into spiritual wellbeing and she is now more inclined towards working for a serious issue pertaining to mental health.

She is setting up her own office in Mumbai’s Andheri West, where she will work under her own brand name ‘Trishna’s Castle’. Shedding more light about the idea behind it, Trishna said, “All these years, I met a lot of the people who got inspired by my words and I, fortunately, became a reason behind bringing a change in their lives. I felt gifted and I want to spread this magic of spiritualism among the people who lose hope.”

Speaking further, she said, “I have decided that I must build a platform where people in need of mental support and guidance can easily approach me out of their free will. I have expanded my capabilities to reach this pivotal level so that I can serve better.”

Under her brand Trishna’s Castle, actress has planned to introduce her website which will have a rich content including Audiobook, E-Book, motivational videos, and E-course for personal transformation.

Apart from this, she is also coming up with her new book based on her personal life and her journey towards spirituality. Trishna believes that fear of losing is always meager than the excitement of winning and hence, she tries everything she believes in.

She also has thousands of followers on her social media accounts who always get motivated with Trishna’s success mantras. She keeps on interacting with her fans despite having a tight schedule.

A strong believer of the lines that don’t dream of success, instead work hard to achieve it, Trishna Prakash Samat is surely an inspiration for several budding actors and writers who lose hope watching the struggle in the film industry. From filmmaker Prakash Jha, politico prodigy Nitin Gadkari, singing sensation Guru Randhawa to actor Sharad Kelkar, the industry giants have all praises for the actress due to her impeccable talent.