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Meet Cory Brooks Strawbridge, the independent musical artist taking over the world of music


Cory Brooks is acknowledged for his massive singing ability in the music industry. He is one of the best singers and not only is that he a blogger, social media influencer, and YouTuber. He inspired in so many ways to his fans, he is one of the multi-talented personalities of this generation.

His song Spade is earning too much popularity. He is a legendary artist with confident behaviour. He performs at the best of his highest level. His works always inspired and motivated his fans at the advanced stage.

Cory Brooks has a unique style of singing and his vocals are very exclusive and attractive.

His fascinating voice and his soulful singing skills can make anyone mad. He won millions of hearts and get famous all over the country and also globally.

He is one of the legendary singers in the music industry. His voice and his tune are very soulful that impresses anybody.

Cory Brooks expresses his heartfelt emotions through his songs and this skill is the portion that he becomes one of the best singers in the music industry. He makes his name and images which make us feel proud of him. He is a very talented and versatile singer in the music industry.

The ‘Spade’ is a very pleasant song. He shows his flexibility in this song very well that marks him astonishing and exclusive. He is winning millions of hearts and his female following is very high, in the phase of auto-tune, his natural and pleasant voice is enough to make hits on any song.

His contribution is appreciable in the music industry. Being a fan of him, and be assured that his colossal vocal skills will always rest in our minds. He has a magical voice. Doubtless, his voice makes him different from others and he puts his all pains and emotions effortlessly.

He has the true aptitude to sing any song supremely; he has an honest capability of that. He succeeds in that kind of excellence which marks him multi-talented in all ways. He sings naturally. Every individual is affected by his vocals.

IG: @corys     Spotify : @corybrooks

Meet LIMOUSIN, moving to the top in the music world as a true-blue singer


The melodious artist is prepared to change the face of music for the better with his varied compositions.

Singing has always been a career that has shone brightly for every adolescent. We’ve all enjoyed singing to our hearts’ content while no one was looking, utilizing a TV remote as a microphone and our surrounds as an audience. Only a few of us, however, were able to give this iconic dream, the wings to soar to new heights. One such example is that of limousin , a dynamic and growing singer who has always believed in himself and has kept that belief throughout his journey. 

He is motivated by love and passion in his musical notation. His passion for music breathes life into his singing and unintentionally draws the listener to him. He is growing as a person and an artist on a daily basis. His adventure began when he was a teenager, and he has progressed significantly since then, from a budding artist to a growing star. Limousin believes that early adopters can help society improve. He hopes to see more hearts and souls filled with enthusiasm when someone decides to become a singer, and wishes for a good future for artists.

Make sure to listen to Limousin’s songs on Spotify

Lewis Foster Kaler Launches his album “Worth”, reaching heights in the music industry.

Lewis Foster Kaler
Lewis Foster Kaler

Lewis Foster Kaler is at present causing gradually expanding influences across the music world with his solid and ardent music.

California-based artist, Lewis has been accounted for as an overall star, making his group dance at his tunes. His shows are shaking with countless people going to them.

Invigorated by a part of the amazing images in the music business, Lewis has considered music a sort of language. His thinking is to appreciate and stream with the music.

Talking about his thriving and prologue to the music business, Lewis said: “Music has perpetually been my break since pre-adulthood. It shows up at my soul and brings me interior agreement and most outrageous happiness. I was panicked in the hidden periods of my calling whether or not people will like my songs yet the commendation and revere they have given me are model.”

Lewis never given up his energy and managed his scholastics close by his music. He cut his direction in the music business while defying numerous challenges to get a spot in it.

The absolute first tune by this master craftsman is Twist which has set an accomplishment in his life. He gained a great deal of affirmation after this tune and people started cultivating an interest in his music.

The accomplishment that he has achieved hasn’t come for the time being and Lewis has contributed his energy to make his music the best. Lewis has gotten positive input from people from one side of the planet to the next. His latest tune “Worth” is one of the most moving tune on the web today.

It’s really challenging to order the notification of people anyway Lewis’ songs have attracted millions ears towards him. Lewis attempts to draw in his crowd individuals with his music and is ready with every one of the more such tunes behind the scenes.

Instagram & Spotify of Lewis


The melodious artist, Limousin is poised to change the face of the music industry for the better


“Music is life,” says Limousin the man believing to glitter the world with the color of music has stunned the people with his miraculous performances. 

What has passionated him to choose the career that describes his personality and his unique style of thrilling on his rhythm is his curiosity and eagerness to create a new era of music. He has motivated the vast crowd to run for passion rather than chasing to satisfy materialistic needs. He has shined the glorious future of music with his contribution in adding and mixing lyrics that stand him apart from the crowd. The man of courage and dedication towards his work says “Live for passion” and has applied it in his real life. He has followed his inner voice of music and has taken it as a profession encouraging the youths to chase their passion and work hard to thrill the world. 

Limousin with his super hit songs  has proved his talent to the world.  Limousin says “give life to music” and has astonished the social media platform with his astounding songs. He has added amazing beats to his songs that have brought the revolution to the music industry. His optimistic approach and the attitude to never give up have stood him to the tip of the mountain enjoying the fruit of success. It is only his dedication and passion that have led him to shine and radiate his skills of voice in enchanting his listeners.

The escalating fans have recognized his potential and ability in creating never heard songs. Hence, his listeners are spellbound with his trap of melodious voice and subscribe to his channel or follow him on Instagram. He has inspired youths to follow their passion and pledge to transform the world with their skills of talent.

Wooing the fans with his charming performance on screen Arjun Pratap Singh Bajwa

Arjun Pratap Singh Bajwa
Arjun Pratap Singh Bajwa
There are ample stories of individuals who have done exceptionally well in their careers, having grasped the top position in their respective fields of work. We have one such individual who has turned the tables by taking giant leaps ahead in his career, he is Arjun PratapBajwa, who has ruled the Indian modelling scene for quite some time now. This bold personality who’s a go getter has always been ambitious, and his passion drove him to achieve the best that life could offer. Born amidst a politically inclined family, his journey from the farms of his hometown right till Bollywood has been quite interesting.
This Indian supermodel who is soon going to rule the silver screens was born in Sanawar, Himachal Pradesh. Never did the thought of getting himself in the glamour and entertainment industry crossed his mind because as a school going kid he was quite overweight which we find difficult to believe looking at the form he has maintained today. Presently, apart from being a fitness promoter, he’s also a trained himself in gymnastics and MMA. He also pursues horse riding and golf whenever he gets time for it. Despite coming from an affluent political family, he has carved his own path and made it on his own, which is quite commendable. Chasing his dreams in Tinseltown, while simultaneously managing his political career being the youngest member of the district council of Punjab representing the Congress party, he is indeed a seasoned multitasker who knows how to play his cards well. Right from the time he landed in Mumbai, he started getting television offers and that’s what got him into the entertainment industry. “The world of entertainment got into me and there was an insatiable desire to grow further and that was only possible by jumping into the mainstream film’s bandwagon,” says Arjun.
After working as an assistant director to Prabhudeva in his film, ‘Singh is Bling’, his dreams finally took shape when he bagged the lead role in Oscar nominated director Girish Malik’s film titled ‘Band of Maharajas’. He says he was lucky enough to get this role after going through a series of tough auditions amongst a huge pool of talented actors. Having ruled the modelling world, working with known designers like Varun Bahl and Rohit Bal, getting featured in men’s health magazine cover, Arjun is now all set to step in Bollywood and make his strong presence felt with his acting skills.

Massimo Anthony Didomenico Is Wowing Audiences the World over with His Latest Song “Black”

Black- Massimo Anthony Didomenico
Black- Massimo Anthony Didomenico

As a music producer, this young man has captivated audiences and how.

Out of the industries that have really made a difference across the world, who could deny the difference made by the music space? Music is something that has given a new meaning to people’s lives. It has acted as a magic potion for artists, songwriters, composers, music producers and the like and given them tremendous success. Even after being so saturated with tons of talented beings, the music industry never ceases to amaze people with the kind of talented people it produces. We learned about one such immensely talented music producer who made the most of the opportunities and went ahead to create newer ones for him; he is Massimo Anthony Didomenico. He is seen as one of the most rising music producers in the industry, thanks to the music he has been creating and producing. 

Massimo Anthony Didomenico
Massimo Anthony Didomenico

“Black” is his song, which is ready to take over the hearts of listeners and music lovers. This new song of his, just like all his tracks, stands apart and promises a new high to the audiences with its foot-tapping and thumping beats. “The word Black seems so simple, yet it is intricate and can absorb a universe in itself, such is its power,” highlights Massimo Anthony Didomenico. He says that simple things attract him the most because he loves to transform those things with his outstanding production skills into something that can soothe people’s ears and compel them to keep listening to the track on repeat.

“Music has given me so much; it has acted as the wind beneath my wings, where I feel full and confident that I can achieve all that I wish for in the industry. I believe in my skills and talents and only want to focus on attaining excellence in what I do,” believes Massimo Anthony Didomenico.

With his song Black, he wishes to create a much prominent position for him as a music producer in the industry and wants to raise the standards for others. Connect with him through Instagram @massimo_didomenico to know more.

Rigprints is an passionate singer and music professional who has captivated one and all by his engrossing tracks


When we talk about creative and artistic work, the first things that comes in our mind is the music industry. Music pours sheer bliss and joy in people’s lives. It is an way to rejoice and rejuvenate for many millions across the world. Music is a fascinating industry but to create music which is loved by millions of people is not an cake walk. It demands pro-found knowledge of rhythm, sound, voice quality, correct music tune and many more. Only an true artist like Rigprints can create such magical tracks which has even propelled him to great heights of success.

Rigprints is an astute singer and ace music artist engrossing massive listeners with his incredible voice texture. This young budding singer was inclined towards the world of music since childhood and started to hone his musicals skills and expertise from an young age. Rigprints knew that music world was his ultimate destination and would pursue his career and profession in the long run. Rigprints implemented all his assets of dedication, patience, creative skills and pro knowledge of music craft, which has made him a successful music artist today. Rigprints has been in the league of his own drawing much fame, attention and recognition from wide masses.  

Rigprints has created a huge buzz in the music industry with his entertaining tracks that has enthralled all. Some of his creations includes- Are you broken, I like moonless nights, J me noi ref, Hollow me, I don’t really know, Introspection, and Juice. 

The grand success of all his songs has firmed his position in the industry and made him an familiar name among millions of audiences. The young talent like Rigprints enhances the bright future of the music industry. Don’t miss out to  listen all of his songs on Spotify @ 

Brycey’s musical skills and passion lead to him the industry’s forefront


His singing talent and prowess have enthralled audiences, music lovers and industry professionals alike.

Often when we hear about young talented beings working across any industry of the world, we learn how with resilience and passion, they have moved their way up to the top. These individuals showcase their A-game in all that they choose to lay their hands on and make sure to even inspire budding talents in the industry. The music space is a world of its own, which so far has given birth to some of the greatest artists, performers, musicians, singers, songwriters, producers, and so many others. To stand unique in such a saturated industry is an intimidating task, but the ones who still firmly move ahead are the ones that clinch success. Doing exactly that as a young singer is Bryce.

Wondering who is Bryce? Let us tell you that he is a young Indian talent whose passion for music exuded from him from a very early age. He soon realized how he felt an affinity towards different music, sounds and beats created by other artists. Bryce knew he was getting into an industry that was already overflowing with established names; still, he jumped into it by only believing in his genuine singing talents and his courage to create his unique niche in the industry. His recent songs showcases the virtuoso he is and exhibits his potential to take over the music space as an artist. He mentions how the journey for him was never a cake walk; however, he courageously kept moving on his path with a strong mental attitude and his hunger to become a renowned singer.

Today, the kind of success and appreciation he has received in the music industry as a young singer proves his creative abilities and excellence. Instead of copying others or following trends blindly, Bryce chose to walk his own path and thus has been able to stand apart from others.

His melodic voice radiates his brilliance as a singer, which gradually propels him forward in the industry and inspires others.

Sasha Goat’s “Kangaroo” and “More High” receives widespread praise


Music is one of the most beautiful elements of life. It can change our mood, exhilarate our emotions, and take us to a different place every time we allow it to take over our senses. 


And then there’s live music! 


Easily an experience that is quite different and arguably way better than recorded music, live music is no less than magic, says Sasha Goat, and we emphatically agree. A music lover just like us, Sasha tells us why live music is magical. 


Recorded music is, well, recorded!


“Recorded music is artificially manufactured in a studio with creativity and natural talent tweaked, honed, and streamlined using technology,” says Sasha Goat, who has hits such as “Kangaroo” and “More High” to his name. “On the other hand, live music comes from the heart of the musician and speaks to the audience in an ambiance that is more human.” 


You can ‘experience’ live music


“Every kind of music can move you, but when the music is live, you ‘experience’ it on a deeper level,” says Sasha. Anyone who has heard their favorite number live will know what this means. The vibe, the energy, and the emotions that hang in the air during a live show offer a much better experience.   


There’s a lot more interaction in live shows


“Even if it’s a show that’s live online, audiences know that there will be some form of interaction with the artist,” says Sasha. Even if this interaction isn’t through full-fledged dialogs and anecdotes, artists communicate with audiences in a live show through song choices, experiments with the number, or even an impromptu jam session. 


Sometimes imperfection is a good thing


“Recorded music is perfect. Sometimes, a bit too perfect,” says Sasha. “Live music, on the other hand, has its share of imperfections that makes it even more human and endearing.” A glitch in the sound system, a mistimed beat or two, or even a musician forgetting the lyrics, all these minor imperfections make a live performance memorable and unique. 


The energy is real


“Recorded music is like ordering a meal and having it delivered to your doorstep. Live music is like wearing your favorite dress and eating at a restaurant with great service and a beautiful ambiance,” says Sasha. “The food is the same, but the energy is more real when you eat at the restaurant!” 


As a fan of everything music, especially live music, Sasha Goat makes a valid argument indeed. Now that the pandemic seems to be behind us finally, we can surely look forward to plenty of live shows to keep us entertained with their unique brand of magic.

Singer Lil Spooki Showing the Most of his Talent

Lil Spooki
Lil Spooki

Today, he may be a hometown legend but he’s not necessarily a household name yet, but his music is definitely being heard and his journey has just begun. After giving three back- to-back hits which were “Maximum”, “Twinkle Little Star” and “Cow Boy Song”; Singer Lil Spooki. returns to the scene with this new exclusive “Waiting For A Miracle(Club Mix)” . Word is, it’s a video on the way for this banger!

Singer Lil. is a rare gem applying pressure in UK . He’s actually a diamond waiting to be polished up. We all have those days that feel never-ending and sometimes the best way to wind down those days is with the perfect rolling Hip Hop record serving as the soundtrack to your mood. Lil Spookimusic has a vibe and yeah his flow is flawless. He’s ready to shine and lately, his buzz is developing online momentum.

In his recent song, “Maximum” he shows off a unique talent not only for rapping but for explaining and expressing himself as Morpheus from the Matrix. The song holds a perfect mixture of lyrics and rhythm. The -year-old rising star has a promising future. He’s currently hard at work hitting the studio every day perfecting the debut project with Vory that’s going to take him to the next level.

IG: @lilspooki     Spotify : @lilspooki