Sohini Ghosh
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Music industry is going to change after Sohini Ghosh aka Joon new single

Joon is a popular Indian singer, songwriter-lyricist and a music composer. A 16- year-old stepping into the music industry, who started her journey as a western singer-songwriter from a very early age from India. The Singer announced the news about her new song release, declaring on her social media, “This song is close to my heart & I can’t wait for you to hear it.” Joon said that she wants…

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Here’s how an employee of a multinational company Hari Soni became the boss of three firms!

Hari Soni is a name in the business world who believes not in telling everyone his plans, instead of showing them the results. A sheer professional, who dared to leave her shining career for living his dreams of an entrepreneur, is an example today for hundreds of budding businessmen. After completing his education at Rajasthan University, Hari Soni joined a multinational company Genpact. His sharp business skills and sheer dedication helped the…

Nipun Anand
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Ace entrepreneur Nipun Anand becomes the top businessman of the country

Entrepreneurship refers to the act of starting a new venture or initiating an out of the box development in an already established organisation or social entity. Entrepreneurship is the channel through which the creativity of the employees can be garnered to conceive and launch a new business that is separate from the parent company but leverages on its assets, capabilities and resources. Such ace name in the business world is…

Akshay Aruku
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Indian actor Akshay Aruku gains popularity for his craft

Akshay Aruku from Karnataka who is only 20 years old started his acting career through short films which was written as well as directed by him. Having a vision in mind to become the top actor of the country, Akshay took up acting enhancing his acting abilities and polish his skills practicing for days and nights. Truly a self made actor Aruku with no big daddy in the industry is…

Vivek Patni
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Vivek Patni is an inspiration for young and budding entrepreneurs

There is no single absolute profile on who can turn out to be an entrepreneur. As we know successful entrepreneurs arise in different gender, race, ages, and income levels. Most successful entrepreneurs have certain personal attributes in common. They include determination, leadership, flexibility, creativity, self-confidence, passion, and ‘smarts’. One such name of an ace entrepreneur is Vivek Patni. Vivek Patni who is 28 completed his schooling in Udaipur and persuaded…

Udit Kumar
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Meet India’s one of the youngest Internet Marketer Udit Kumar!

Internet has revolutionised the world around us. But it still works as a tool in our hand and depends how we use it. Where many of us are using it as a way of entertainment, people like Udit Kumar are making fortune out of it just by thinking out of the box. With his smart approach towards the technology, Udit has become one of the youngest Internet Marketer of India…

Neeli Raja
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YouTuber Neeli Raja tickles her fans with her unique comic

The uncrowned queen of social media entertainment, Neeli Raja, has become an internet sensation for her perfect comic timing and great content. Neeli has been winning hearts with her videos that project day-to-day life of common people. Neeli and her, already a celebrity, husband Ozzy Raja are not only taking entertainment to whole new level but are also working their content to touch upon the topics with which their viewers…

Mohit Chawla
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Mohit Chawla redefines fashion with COOL Tees!

Mohit Chawla a young and energetic man from Kanpur is a founder and owner of a clothes store called T-identi-T. He founded the store way back in 2010 and today, his venture is called the best and the only one stop online store for selling a wide range of branded T-shirts for men and women along with kids of premium quality. His T-shirt has one story to tell and thus…

Trishna Prakash Samat
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Actress, Producer Trishna Prakash Samat’s life journey is too inspiring!

It is said – “You can always edit a bad page but you can never edit a ‘blank page’.” These words are an epitome to Trishna Prakash Samat, who has a writer’s soul, with a strong belief that a true book will find its audience itself. Trishna is now a big name in the field of creativity as after success of her first book ‘Taaje Sapne’, that received a tremendous…

Pawan Singh Dhakad
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Pawan Singh Dhakad- The Young Fitness Influencer

Success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it. Going by the saying young fitness enthusiast, Pawan PD Dhakad, has dedicated himself to become the best version of himself and in his pursuit of success, this self motivated youngster has turned his passion into his profession. Hailing from Madhya Pradesh, India, Pawan has become a personification of success for among young generation. Pawan’s love for…